Spa Multi-Packs
Get the most out of your time with us, with one of our luxurious Spa multi-packs. Save more than 15% with our 5+1 packages, and benefit from lasting results.

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ESPA Back Neck and Shoulder 35 Min - 5 sessions + 1 free
Ease tension with this fast-acting, targeted massage using pure aromatherapy blends.
€ 225.00
ESPA Inner Calm Massage 60 Min - 5 sessions + 1 free
A holistic, restorative aromatherapy experience, alleviating muscular pressure, soothing anxiety and invoking profound relaxation. Includes: breathing techniques, full body aromatherapy massage, scalp massage with Rose Quartz crystals.
€ 350.00
ESPA Inner Beauty Facial 60 Min - 5 sessions + 1 free
Deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin to instantly reveal clear, quenched, naturally beautiful complexion. Includes: triple cleanse – exfoliation – facial massage – personalised mask – scalp massage.
€ 375.00
Microdermabrasion 60 Min - 5 sessions + 1 free
Microdermabrasion is a professional cosmetic procedure to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells to unveil a refined, new skin layer. Using gentle ultrasound, the ingredients of various gels are transported deeply into the skin. Vacutronic achieves a stimulation of skin tissue and a noticeable improvement of all metabolic processes through vacuum pressure. This procedure reduces facial imperfections such as small scars, wrinkles, large pores and pigmentation spots if applied regularly.
€ 500.00
Sport Massage 60 Min - 5 sessions + 1 free
Diminish your muscular pain and feel more energised. Includes: deeper pressure massage, focussing on areas of concern
€ 375.00
Traditional Swedish Express Massage 35 Min - 5 sessions + 1 free
Boost your circulation, alleviate aching muscles and awaken your body from head to toe.
€ 200.00